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Panda Wishes

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Ruth Harkness was a family friend, Teen Becksted was there to take this "first living panda" picture, it is one of my favorites


What a wonderful story!
Love pandas? We do too, and we want to share our history of the first American Panda with you!
Let Su Lin warm your heart with love and a little bit of something precious--you can buy a book right here!  I am the author, E B Masloff. I am the Grandchild of photographer Teen Becksted. He was a friend to Ruth Harkness and he knew her well enough to be asked to do many private photo shoots.  You may have seen a picture of Ruth and Su Lin on a can of Quaker Oat Meal, touting she was the Great American Explorer!  Teen was there!
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thanks ! and Panda Wishes!

Roosevelts quotes from Ruth's Book:My favorite part of the story is when the Colonel Roosevelt meets Ruth Harkness' baby bear!

animated cd story book available--see a preview here soon

Abridged version for Students and Teachers:You will learn about Ruths travel to China and the funny and exotic places she stayed with Su Lin from camping to castles it is a fun story. History is great for teens too! Email me if you need special homework or report help-- You'll get an "A"

Click here for references and other sources for this history available today

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