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Panda Wishes


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Panda Wishes
This is the book for children ages 5 and up

Children Love Books
We do too! This is our special book fully illustrated and enhanced creatively to tell the story from panda's point of view. Little panda has a wish, to help other pandas world wide and to do it for his Mother who has been lost to a poacher. A theme that starts about hunters and ends up in a time that is much like today, A Panda alive in a ZOO! With crowds attracting famous stars and other pandas across the world. Su Lin did it first, we adored him! available NOW!

Su Lin First American Panda Alive in a ZOO!
Searching for something to study for school, let me help!

Panda Facts!
We want to help if you are looking for Biography of an explorer, a story about pandas or just a little art project!
We would love to send you abridged stories ready to use and learn about real pandas and the history that brought them to America. Read about others who were there, Tangier Smith and Quentin , dont forget the most famous Panda Hunter, Theodore Roosevelt! yes he's in there too, so write us and well send you free stuff so you can get an A!


True stories fascinate us, and Ruth and Su Lin created Pandamonium! Let Teen Becksted take you on a personal tour of his fabulous personal photos he shot and developed from 1930's and beyond. He takes you around the world with his detailed photos taken for famous people, like Judy Garland and his African Safari. If only Life Magazine would give up the photos he did for Su Lin! His was a wonderful life, he graciously gave his panda photos to the Brookfield Chicago Zoo, he was a naturalist and a family man. Brief Biography included.