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Chris is working on several designs  for this site



I like to create web spaces for people who want to reach the world wide web in any format using:



  • Inviting Photographs

  • Original Artwork

  •  Movies or slideshows

  •  Client or Employee Stories

  •  Updated Blogs

  • Affiliate Advertising

  •  Sales and Fund Raising


For any site to be successful it is important to have a good working links -- placed into the web-site.  A domain name that is easy to remember, and commonly used so that even in a search for other items - YOUR SITE will be pulled up.  Each successful web site has common uses, starting with information about the company, some history and often a mission statement.  There is usually, a  visual image list of employees with details about their positions, and links to their departments, with the coinciding emails. 


People like to have simple search boxes through the site, for quick and simple reference. A clear list of departments on each page. I will start with a simple design for our start: The home page, is the first page, it's the introduction and the cover, like a book it can and should be eye catching and updated on a seasonal and timely basis. Photos, slideshows, animations, and events,  coupled with short phrases and inviting images that charm the most hurried shopper.

Each page to follow will have a common frame that allows everyone to properly navigate around their needs.  The theme and purpose will be flowing seamlessly from each page,  with similarly inviting images of people places and the events that make up this web site. 


 Each person will have different needs, and a customer service care page is essential, that offers email and contact information, great care should be taken to properly direct the answers of each request, as to not lose the prospect of the curious browser, buyer, or prospective affiliate advertiser.

   Domain names, I would advise the awareness of commonly used names and words.  Often, it is best to buy many similiar spellings to direct links, and make sure no one uses your good name to sell another product.  My PandaWishes Web site, can get over a million hits a month, because the word Panda is so commonly searched for.  This can also work against the site, if it isn't properly cared for and posted for the amount of hits required. Free sites, dont allow unlimted hits, paid sites do.  Yahoo, and Lycos, are the biggest, its just faster easier more well known, the others might be a little cheaper, but--is it worth it? 

FIRST STEP: We should sign up for the site as soon as we can approve the theme, the sooner I can start uploading information and merchant info, the sooner you will have more ways to meet, greet and impress. I will be asking you about doing this in the next few days.


I believe each experience we have with a new client, employer, or guest, or everyday person, offers seeds of learning about new perspectives.  By Listening to your needs now,  this will help me to create the informational web site you want for the years to come. I  need a few basics to begin, these are all at your discretion.

I am commited to create and maintain this interactive business card for you-- 

  1. Mission of web site

    - This written statement explains the present purpose , and sometimes the future outlook, it can also express the driving force for the way of doing business. Some companies procure the highest degree of ethics, or claim to be the largest or most environmentally aware, in their field.

  2. Content Theme: This is what I can offer up as choices, and is always available to update and change.

  3. Domain Name choice, registration for at least 2 years.

  4. Logo, updated pages can have current or themed logos.  Depending on needs, this can be used for unlimeted marketing tools.

  5. Current List of all products to be shown on the web site, an inventory list with or without photos. Prices, inventory numbers and any information you may need.  Graphic images can be taken and enhanced with photo shop.  This is Chris' specialty, and will be happy to take photographs.

  6. Photographs of staff  with current details of positions held, also awarded positions, and any details of present projects or compliments.

  7. Supporting images of  buildings if needed--people in the work place: I can take these with Digital camera or I can scan any current photo available. This is used primarily for "customer service" and positive advertising profiles. 

  8. Stock or created images ?     from the web or from us... some of these will take a bit more time to create.  They are usually compensated as extra when designed for mulit-purposes, such as ad campaigns, or artistic license.

  9. Written articles of support from you and others, much like the details  back of a  published book, magazine, or review etc.

  10.  "Links" are pages  supporting information about your company the business, and , if they are working web sites you just want to show or if you are in need of a new face page that offers links to only distributors with sales information.

  11.  A written statement on policy answering any questions about, community relations, fundraising, or donations.

  12.  List of current events, as well as past promotions,  news and or links to the unlimited potential for this growing company.

  13.  Facebook pages: This is advertising at the social networking level, and more and more companies use this to stay connected with employees, events,  and this will also broaden their customer reach, as well as create new interests.  I will really enjoy all of these projects!