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My favorite images in time
shared for family and friends, Panda Wishes is the name of the book but maybe I should have called it Ruth Harkness, great American Explorer!  The photographs are amazing, I have known about the pandas because of her, and in this book I honor the memory of the late Teen Becksted who was with Ruth and Su Lin and Mei Mei.You can own this original story great for classrooms and familys for just 25.00 email me today at
Grandfather and  so much more, his biography reads like a wonderful tale of people and places, miracles and love.  Scratching the surface of his talent with one of the many, subjects he covered, The First American Panda ever to be returned alive.
1936 Chicago USA

Then the world would just open up for him, and I remember the funny things, he said:
"Eat your plate",
"Just look at it, don't ever touch a photo"
"Wood is good"

" See you in the funny papers..."

My older relatives would have much more fun things to say about Teen, than I.

 I hope someday to do an art show of family images that are all about art imitating life.