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Your new book is ready! exclusively at the Candle Connection to the public, but as the Author I reserve special rights to print, and publish  my own books, art works and writing.  All rights reserved, copyright pandawishes2002.

Hard bound full color collector copy 25.00

The Complete version: The one for the enthusiast!,

Children's club!!                               Just for summer Journals !!

just ask and well put your name on it!!
dedicated to your favorite zoo, A $5 DOLLAR DONATION INCLUDED!
   Or join for $19.95 Ashley's  book club, her stories and the children's edition of "panda wishes" designed for the basic knowledge, plus activites, and a journal!

Bonus t-shirt with gift of four or more.Collector edition with framed prints "see sponser a panda, or a wish"....coming soon!

Thanks for your interest in Pandawishes, I look forward to email you,

E. B. Masloff ~ author and publisher

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