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Food and Arts Academy

Welcome to the introduction page of our web site. Navigate from here to all of the pages to learn about what you can learn and do and enjoy from our house to  yours.  Salut!

With so many food choices how do we know what is good and healthy to eat?  And if you are not a good cook, how can you make something delicious and healthy? 
Have you ever wondered why, some foods you crave when you are lonely, and others you crave when you are starving?  How does this happen, is it the food that does it, or is it us? 
We have lots of answers here for you and we have more questions for you to ponder! 
Ask the food Scientist, what is that!  Go ahead, we will help you,
just know that food ingredients are there for a purpose and you should be reading it!
We will start here with breakfast, and then move onto the more main dishes and drinks and desserts. 
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click this link--and get on the mailling list We promise not to ever give your private info out and we just would like  you to know we are really here, and go ahead ask!-- this really is connected to us, we care--you can always contact us. We promise to answer all emails in 48 hours.

Food and Arts Academy is a charter home school for the Masloff family, it is not a corporation or a food sales company.  We are here for the mission of the school and we are not affiliated with any other group or legal representative.  All information here is at the risk of the user and should not be considered as a subsequent replacement for a doctor or specialized diet.  Always consider your personal needs why buying foods, alergies, and contact an emergency specialist if you should detect any reactions.

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You will learn about Ruths travel to China and the funny places he stayed with Su Lin from camping to castles it is a fun story.

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