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This book has many facets, it can be read in different chapters at different times. It has specific childrens chapters with illustrations in full color.  I put the introduction in to help the teachers and parents guide their children with understanding of a time that was different than today.  Information that is history is available and that is what this book also help out with.  If you just want to know more on this subject, but dont know where to turn, my Bibliography is a who's who of panda history.  I list the National Geographic Magazine numbers and the other books available like Ruth's excellent book, "The Lady and the Panda", if you love her, and this story, you can own her book.

We recently found some great old panda books on ABE BOOKS .com
 I am not an affiliate, just an antique book collector, we discovered about 4 Ruth Harkness books that were listed at over $180.00, that makes my book a bargain!

Roosevelts book in contrast was not as expensive as hers, which we though twas very interesting.  But Trailing the Giant Panda was a great book, very detailed and the epitome of the 19th  century hunter I portray in the Panda Wishes Book.