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Panda Wishes

Welcome to photos!

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The written word is one thing, but Photography is a whole different ball game.  Nothing compares to the image we are left with. I have certainly fallen for the panda; it's the mothering story, it's an animal activist story, it's a dream come true for this Lady and her panda.  Or was it? The best part, the easiest might have been the photos. No one is ever completely prepared for mothering, and this little panda needed one, he certainly had many. We can thank early activism like the Harkness Adventure for real progress, and quite possibly the salvation of these bears as a species.  People do good things, and when we care about the animals, we care for ourselves.  Love Peace and Pandas





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Teen Becksted Photography, Circa 1938 Brookfield Zoo,
from Kodak Film  Negatives
by permission